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  • Cedric Brynard
    I have known .Joe Venter since 1989, when I got involved with the company he represented as Group Human Resources Manager, I assisted them with their medical aid and financial services. The field that I operate in I get involved with corporate clients as well as high profile individuals, and a lot of them in the corporate world do not have the right compliance matters in place, I recommended Joe Venter (DynamiqueHr) to them to assist, and they are grateful for the professional service he rendered.

    Although Joe Venter’s line of expertise is Labour Relations / Human Resources he has managed companies on a Senior level as General Manager, therefore his business acumen is good and he has the ability to make a significant difference to your business

    Joe Venter is highly motivated and experienced in his field, and so many of my clients will recommend him as one of the best. I will recommend Joe and Dynamique HR to all prospective clients.
    Cedric Brynard
  • Sr Nellie Nel
    Joe Venter is our human resources consultant at Indusmed Occupational Health Services, working with the clinic staff since 2013. With a high level of competency and professionalism, Joe has engaged all staff, created a personnel handbook, revised job applications, and served as consultant.

    We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Dynamique HR Consultants and Joe Venter. Joe brings a direct, practical, and positive approach to our employment policies.

    We have definitely benefitted from having someone with his expertise and credentials to review our practices and to assist when questions arise.

    Joe has become a great resource and partner to Indusmed, and we look forward to our continuing relationship. I highly recommend him.
    Sr Nellie Nel
    Coastal Airconditioning Services (Pty) Ltd appointed Dynamique HR as our HR Consultant in March 2015 and have been using their services for all HR related matters.

    We have been dealing with Mr Joe Venter personally and found him to be extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. He distinguished himself in every way due to his exceptional insight into handling core human resource functions.

    Joe is credited with enhancing this company’s human resources functions by effectively planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and HR policies, leading to increased functionality of the departments, on many levels.

    We highly recommend Joe, and therefore Dynamique HR, to any and all prospective clients.

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